Picture Perfect

December 1, 2017

Anyone who has planned or is planning a wedding, its common knowledge its a complete minefield. From calligraphers, to confectioners, to florists, and caters, its difficult to know where to start.

One of the first things I knew I wanted to research was my wedding photographer. Everyone says how quickly your wedding day flies by, so make sure that every moment is captured on camera to look back on in years to come.

There are a so many wedding photographers out there, so how do you know which one is the perfect person for your wedding?

The first thing I needed to decide was the style of my photography, this usually fall into 3 categories;

Reportage wedding photography style

This journalistic photography is characterised by a natural approach from the photographer who follows the couple and the guests throughout the day while recording the events of the wedding as they happen in an unobtrusive manner. The main goal of a reportage photographer is to make a narrative story out of the wedding by capturing natural and honest moments rather than set-up poses.

Traditional wedding photography style

Conventional wedding photography is dominated by carefully posed shots of groups ranging from the whole wedding party to just the wedding couple themselves. Traditional wedding photographers rarely capture candid moments, they usually concentrate on the key moments and group shots only and they shoot a set list of photographs.

Contemporary wedding photography style

This is partially inspired by editorial fashion photography. The emphasis is on creating high impact visually interesting images. Although shots are set up, they are less formal or rigid. The photographer aims to find interesting spots as a backdrop and uses or creates strong light effects and unusual angles.

My wedding next May is Nikki Beach themed and we are hiring beach beds, bongo drums and live saxophonists to create a beach club vibe. The wedding is all white, with small accents of blue to give a gentle nod to the Nikki Beach theme. My wedding has contemporary written all over it so this was the style of photography I was looking for with small influences of the reportage style. I want my pictures to look like they have come straight from a Vogue photo shoot! Ambitious I know! But I also wanted to capture real live moments of me and my husband, the speeches and other elements I didn’t want to be staged.

I found the perfect photographer Aga Tomaszek who can do all things I need, and after a lengthy Skype call on my objectives of the day, there were some wonderful ideas we created for the big day.

Here are my top tips in making sure your chosen photographer captures your special moments:

  • Create an album of your wedding breakfast room without anyone in there so the mis-en-place, table settings and floral arrangements are captured at their finest
  • Exterior shots of the venue as well as the quirky little details such as brick work, the church, a water feature, anything that gives your wedding that personalised look
  • With the bride and groom being in different parts of the venue, it could be worth hiring two photographers on the day, one that stays with the bride and documents her arrival into the venue, and one with the groom to capture the reactions and emotions of the groom and guests as you walk in
  • When the ceremony is over, take 15-20 mins with your guests before shooting off to have your group and individual photos taken. Your family and friends will want to congratulate you, see your dress, and shed a tear, so allow this time for the photographer to capture these moments too
  • Whether you decided to keep the day casual taking natural shots or staging the photos with a more organised photo shoot, take 10-15 mins with your newlywed to have a glass of champagne just the two of your somewhere private so your can enjoy that moment together (no photographers allowed!)
  • The day will soon turn into early evening and depending on the time of the year you are getting married, there is a certain time that ‘Golden Hour’ will approach. The Golden Hour is when the sun start to set, so if you allow your photographer 5-10 mins to grab you outside, taking photos in this lighting is magical!

As the evening unwinds, I’m sure I wont care what the pictures look like as I will be too busy having fun! Speak to your photographer on a regular basis so he or she knows your wants, needs and any changes that may occur so that you can both make sure your capture the perfect moments on your most memorable day.